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Sermon Title: When Faith Becomes An Issue

Posted By Mocha-Chick on Mar 30, 2009 at 10:02AM

<span style="font-weight:bold;">Sermon:
Praise Fellowship: Pastor Donald Morris

Title: When Faith Becomes An Issue

Main Text; Mark 5:24-34

Main Points;
* All of Us have been crippled by Sin and only Jesus can Restore us to Total Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical Health.

*Who Touched Me? Because Power had left His Body! "Daughter Your Faith has Healed You"!!!

*Just like the Woman with the Issue of blood WE All Have ISSUES!!!

*The woman had lived with a bleeding uterus for 12 years due to Jewish Law She was an untouchable considered to be unclean. She couldn't marry or live nomally. She feels her illiness is due to her own personal sin..."Sexual Stigma associated with her issue of blood".

*She is desperate, her life is in sadness her dream of marriage, children and a life are all gone...

*She hears there is a New Doctor in Town who heals for Free. She hears the blind can see, cripple can walk, even the wind and waves obey, even folks once dead are alive...Now she has hope!! We must have faith to believe God has the Power to heal us! Then in Faith we must reach out to Trust God to Restore Us.

*If your life Is messed up can and will fix it!!!

*Pray the Prayer, "God Fix Me, Lord Restore Me, Make me Over Again! Amen!!!!

posted by Shay

I absolutely love this story... It is full of determination and faith. It tells me that if I keep looking and searching and never give up, my prayers will be answered. It also teaches me that just because it is not instanteously does not mean that it will not occur. I must have patience. Thanks for sharing.

posted by lyle

I see you made it to church!!!
(and you paid attention.) that's AWESOME!! thanx for sharing the blessing with us.

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